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Welcome to Cluny Women's College

Welcome to Cluny Women's College

Welcome to Cluny Women's College

Welcome to Cluny Women's College

College Rules and Regulations

As the human eye looks into space, it is limited to a few miles of vision and we can see only what is immediate and within reach. Yet, like an astronomer looking at space we know that - beyond what is immediate and within reach stretches an infinity of time and eternity, because time and space are both segments of God's creation.

Therefore my life, time and the space I have daily are most important for me here and now and for never-ending Eternity.

Therefore we use carefully:

(a) Our life (b) Our time (c) The space in which we operate

Cluny Women's College has devised a careful plan for pleasant, diligent and constant work at spiritual, academic and material development of the Staff and Students of the College. Here are some simple instructions to be followed by all students:

1. College Class hours are from 9 AM to 3:45 PM

2. Students who have completed classes may not leave the College Campus before 3.00 PM. Exceptions always arise, so each student is free to appeal to the authority concerned.

3. Free time in College is meant to be used wisely and maturely.

4. Students are expected to use the Library daily for growth in knowledge and Research.

5. 75% attendance in each subject is the compulsory requirement of North Bengal University failing which students will not be allowed to appear in the University Examination Part I, Part II and Part III.

6. Leave : Leave of absence must be requested from the concerned College authorities.

7. Examinations : Selection Examinations are compulsory and necessary before students sit for Part I, Part II and Part III University Examinations. A student who does not achieve the required standard in Selection Examination will have the option to repeat the class or leave the College.

8. Inquiry, Grievance & Redressal Cell: Students at times may not be able to

express their problems freely. At Cluny Women’s College we earnestly want to

offer a helping hand to a faltering sister. We encourage our students to tap the riches of our Cluny College Family to use the Inquiry Box and await our reply.

Each week the box will be opened and problems attended to.

9. Healthy Practices : The college invites students’ feedback and also provides them with guidance and counseling.

10. Extra-curricular Activities such as Seminars, Debates, cultural activities, N.S.S. programs etc are conducted from time to time and students are expected to take

active participation.

11. Uniform Sari should be worn on special occasions only.

12. Dress Code of Kurta with sleeve and Patiala pyjama with chunni is the regular attire of all students.

13. Use & carrying of Mobiles in the College Campus is strictly prohibited.

14. Students must compulsorily be present on the first day of opening of the college after vacations and on the last day before

commencement of vacations.

15. As per UGC Regulations on curbing the menace of ragging in higher educational institutions, 2009 (under section 26(1)(g) of the university grants commission Act, 1956, ragging is strictly prohibited in this college. Anyone found guilty will be liable to punishment. The Anti-Ragging squad of the institution will observe and maintain necessary discipline in classrooms.

16. Monthly fees must be paid by the 10th of each month. Fees till March and University Examination Fees must be paid before filling up of University Examination Forms in January/February and fees till June must be cleared before issuing of Admit Cards in the month of March.


17.Career Oriented Programme: All students must take up one of two courses offered at the college: viz.- 1)Communicative English. (Diploma course)

2)Office Management and Secretarial Practice. (Certificate Course)

They must fill their Examination Forms at the end of every year of studies and appear for the Examination as scheduled by the University.

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